The Corporate The Art of Thriving In a Competitive Talent Market

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There’s a freeze on promotions this year…
We need to cut the fat…
We expect the best from you…
It was HR’s decision…

The corporate world is full of vague buzzwords and unclear direction. Ambitious employees who want to succeed often translate such vagueness to mean working longer hours, sacrificing their personal life and relationships, and compromising their mental and physical health.

The Corporate is your key to career success without compromise. Unlock the hidden areas of every organization, and learn how leaders think and what they really mean. Understand how talent is identified, selected, and developed in large, multinational organizations. Learn
how to use these insights to thrive in a competitive talent market and accelerate your career to new heights – without having to sacrifice your personal time and wellbeing.

Abdalla Nasr is an award-winning certified trainer in talent assessment and development. With over 10 years’ experience working with organizations around the world, Nasr has leveraged his extensive firsthand knowledge into this accessible, practical book.

Full of crucial insights from leaders across the globe and research-based tips and tricks, The Corporate offers practical, simple, and creative read for anyone on the corporate ladder who wants it all.

The Corporate The Art of Thriving In a Competitive Talent Market
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