Plan C

AED 59.00

If culture eats strategy across all three meals, then the CEO serves those meals. The biggest Management tragedy of last century has been estimated loss of multiple trillion dollars on count of the opportunity discretionary Human performance loss across diverse Organization due to low to zero priority on CULTURE. This tragedy will continue in the current future virtual century provided not averted de risked by immediately choosing Plan C. Achieving a high performance culture is and will be every CEOs, business and human resources leaders only choice for sustainability growth because fast paced Technology Virtual reality will be ruthless in being biggest leveller and being very demanding towards superlative consistent performance or perish. In order to achieve sustainable, profitable growth by design, a paradigm shift is needed from an execution led plan A Action and a risk mitigation management led plan B Back up to a high performance, values, and innovation led plan C Culture .

This book, Plan C, will provide an insightful, pragmatic simple road map to build and sustain a high performance culture by challenging various paradoxes and paradigms of the hi tech virtual world impacting them with a hi touch cultural leadership led by a new CEO Culture of Excellence in Organizations.

Plan C
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