How to Be an Even Better Manager – Michael Armstrong

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Don’t just be a good manager… be an even better one.

For current and aspiring managers alike, this bestselling handbook from expert author Michael Armstrong provides a whistle-stop tour of the skills and techniques you need to succeed. With a focus on practical application, you will be guided through four crucial areas of management:
-Managing people
-Management activities and processes
-Management personal skills
-Business and financial skills

How to be an Even Better Manager has sold over 170,000 copies worldwide and been translated into 17 languages. Fully revised and updated, this 11th edition covers all the skills an excellent manager needs, and now includes brand new case studies to ensure you will be equipped for the modern world of management. From resolving conflict and boosting your confidence to engaging your team and improving their performance, with this trusted and popular guide you won’t just be good – you’ll be an even better manager.

How to Be an Even Better Manager – Michael Armstrong
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