Dare to Be Different: Inspirational Words From People Who Changed The World

AED 95.00

A new book that will inspire children, by the global bestselling author of Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different. The words in Dare to be Different have great power. Ben Brooks has brought together 100 people who have all in some way or another used words to do wonderful things.

Some may have changed a single life, while others have changed the course of history for almost everyone on earth. But whether their effects were big or small, these individuals’ speeches, letters, poems, songs, stories, and advice prove one thing: words can make the world a better place. And they can make you feel better about yourself too.

This extraordinary compendium includes personal letters that were written for just one reader to help guide them through life’s journey; sometimes they were intended for millions of people to hear about grand declarations of war, peace or new discoveries. Most of the time, though, they are words of wisdom that children will love to hear, about kindness, bullying, or whether it’s OK to sometimes eat chocolate for breakfast. From Plautus’ plays about the power of laughter to Selena Gomez’s speech about bullying; and from F.

Scott Fitzgerald’s letters of encouragement to his daughter, Scottie, to Bambi, the mysterious graffiti artist who sprays words of truth on walls, there is something to be learned from every quote in this inspiring and illuminating book. Children will be enthused and comforted by the wonderful true stories Brooks has brought from across history and from around the world. Each one is exquisitely illustrated by Quinton Winter, who made the Stories for Boys series so visually exciting.

Dare to Be Different: Inspirational Words From People Who Changed The World
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